Dragon tattoo designs part 2

A full back dragon tattoo resembling a wall sculpture.
This tattoo design is very cool. It got a wall sculpture inked on the back, which has dragons and taichi. This tattoo wins a gold award in a competition.
Chinese dragon tattoo on the shoulder by Andy Shou
Another Chinese dragon tattoo design. Chinese dragons are believed to be able to fly among the clouds. It can form clouds, can turn into water or fire. The cloud effect in this tattoo is especially good.
ull back dragon tattoo with two faces
This tattoo design contains a character with two faces - very similar to traditional Chinese dragons.
Half demon half dragon tattoo design
Another piece fantastic work from Andy Shou! The horn of demon and the body of the dragon connect seamlessly. The visual balance and the overpowering feel are also impressive!
a dragon tattoo design on the shoulder
A typical dragon tattoo design on the shoulder. The Chinese dragon usually go with the flood and cloud.
Chinese dragon tattoo on the hip
A Chinese dragon tattoo.
hybrid dragon tattoo design on the arm
A hybrid free tattoo design of western and Chinese dragon.
Shouting dragon tattoo on the shoulder.
An angry dragon head tattoo, looking like a wolf's head too.
fighting dragon tattoo on the shoulder and arm
Another free dragon tattoo design, this time the featured parts are the head and the claws.
dragon and demon head tattoo design
Seems to be a combination of dragon and demon head.

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