Dragon tattoo designs - part 3

dragon tattoo design on the arm
The dragon claws in this free tattoo are especially live and pop up, master's techniques.
dragon and phoenix tattoo design
This is a dragon tattoo design. The interesting about this design is that the dragon forms a Taichi kind of shape, like a totem
black dragon free tattoo design on the arm
A not very colorful dragon tattoo, however, the lighter shadows mimicked the "cloud feel" very well.
Chinese dragon tattoo designs covering the whole back
An overwhelmingly impressive full back tattoo featuring a Chinese dragon.
full back dragon tattoo design
Another example of full back Chinese dragon tattoo design.
full body dragon tattoo design
Unlike the usual full back tattoo design, this Chinese dragon tattoo covers both the front and back - very powerful tattoo.
dragon tattoo with human face on the arm
This dragon tattoo uses an interesting idea - it replaces the dragon face with a shouting human face.
Chinese dragon tattoo on the arm
Dragon and water.

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