Peacock feather tattoo designs

Peacock tattoos, or sometimes, the peacock's feathers, have indeed become a very popular option when it comes to tattoo designs. Read on further for some information that you may not have encountered yet regarding this colorful bird's design origins:
* The peacock design of tattoos are most often represented in Asian and Middle East tattoo designs and are very popular because of its vibrant colors. However, in Europe, the peacock's feathers are regarded with high suspicion because of a fiasco in their ancient mythologies.
* The peacock feather, in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt is a representation of the 'evil eye'. This is because of the general idea during that time that with the peacock feathers several 'eyes', it can see every single transgression that a person has done. This belief, is still prevailing today as several households in Europe will not permit that even a single peacock feather enter their household.

Peacock feather tattoo on the ankle

* The Christian faith on the other hand, has an entirely different take on the peacock and its feathers. Christians believe that the peacock feathers 'eyes' are the same of God's all seeing eyes. It also venerated the peacock as an incorruptible animal making it a sacred emblem for many who follow the Christian faith.
* Today, peacock tattoos symbolize immortality, a person's pure soul and resurrection. In china, the peacock is believed to represent the divinity and ranks of the gods and their ancestors. Peacocks are also later on symbolized as animals of royalty and has long meant the equivalent of an unbreakable oath.

 colorful peacock feather tattoos on the shoulder -1

* In these days, peacock designs are chosen mostly for their bright and vibrant colors as well as their symbolism. Because peacocks can also represent resurrection, these are also created into tattoos for a lot of personal reasons. People have peacock tattoos done in remembrance of a person or a loved one's death or a memory of that person's recovery from extreme illness. Peacock tattoos are also a great symbol for a specific turning point in a person's life. There are also a lot of people who prefer to incorporate this bird into Middle Eastern designs again, a remembrance to history that this particular race believed in the immortality and divinity of the peacock.

 colorful peacock feather tattoos on the shoulder - 2

* For someone who does not want to get a huge peacock tattoo design and would rather opt for a smaller, more discreet design, it is always better to have a tattoo put in. after all, peacock feathers have as much symbolism on its own as the entire bird itself and it is by far easier to incorporate it onto an existing design or even as an addition to an existing tattoo. The peacock feathers are a smaller alternative to the peacock tattoo that can still be made to be big enough to add in more details I you so wish to do so.
* An important note that you must never forget is that you have to get a clear picture of the peacock tattoo design that you would want to be tattooed with. Be particular with the use of colors, if you want to.
As with every other tattoo designs, having Peacock Tattoos [] would need to have all your attention with regards to detail and color combination. So be sure that you have a clear picture of the design that you want to achieve.

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