Several ankle tattoo designs

An anklet tattoo design with green beads and a Chinese knotting as pendant
A very cool tattoo -let you have a anklet staying with you forever plus a pretty Chinese Knots which will bring you good luck.

Grass and flower tattoo on the ankle
A very cute tattoo for girls.
An ankle tattoo with thorn ring going through a skull
This tattoo is a skull anklet, while this anklet seems to grow out of the body. Tattoo artists like to use this kind of ideas.
A feather tattoo on the ankle along with a thorn ring.
This is an ankle tattoo. The picture at the right bottom is the original tattoo design. The tattoo artist modified it to a much elegant one.
An anklet tattoo with a rhino as the pendant
A cute anklet tattoo design with a little pig at the end.
Tribal leaf tattoo on the ankle
This tattoo design is a typical tattoo design for girls - looks cute but no idea what is the meaning.
Chinese knotting tattoo on the ankle
This ankle tattoo  is like a Chinese knotting ,which is is a decorative handicraft arts. Archaeological studies indicate that the art of tying knots dates back to prehistoric times.

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