Tattoo Trend, Permanent Decision

Social Media sites like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are flooded with tattoos of delicate script, minimalistic infinity signs, and feminine anchors; tattoos like this are all huge trends at the moment. We all know someone who has one or more of these familiar designs and what many who decide to get these tattoos do not seem to realize is that the style will eventually fall out of fashion. Don’t believe me? Let’s not forget that lower back tattoos (or tramp stamps as they’re derisively referred) were once all the rage! Khlo√© Kardashian and Cheryl Cole both fell for the tattoo trend of lower back tattoos during the 1990s and early 2000s, and like many thousands of women they either got their tattoos removed or covered up. Lower back tattoos dominated the tattoo world and were one of the first tattoos that women were able to wear as their own without being branded as masculine. Yet over time the trend has collapsed on itself, earning the aforementioned nickname. But what about the women who still live with tattoo trends from the past? How do they feel about their tattoo five or 10 years after the trend has long blown over?
Many who get lower back tattoos are happy with the decision, because it is just another piece of tattoo real estate. “I love my tattoo. It’s one of my favorites still,” says Drave Suicide, a body piercer and model with Suicide Girls since 2005. “My lower back tattoo, which is A Perfect Circle symbol, was actually my first tattoo. I got it because A Perfect Circle is one of my absolute favorite bands and a lot of their songs have got me through a lot in my life. I decided to get it on my lower back because I already knew I was getting angel wings on my back and I wanted to put the symbol inbetween the wings,” says Drave. Drave sees her lower back ink as strategic in its placement, as opposed to designed to fit the 90s style trend and despite the backlash that this type of tattoo has received in the media, she is proud of the design. Yet many women do not share the same views of their own lower back inkings.

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