Portrait tattoo designs - part 3

A portrait tattoo on the leg featuring a crying girl
Another tattoo with similar style.
vampire tattoo on the arm

This tattoo design is possibly a vampire's ugly smiling face (why vampire? check out the teeth). In almost any vampire movie, vampires are all described as extemely handsome, pale, cold, gentle. This tattoo, however, violates the stereotype.
opera portrait tattoo  on the arm
A free portrait tattoo -need a very big arm to pierce on.
goddess tattoo on the leg
A western style portrait free tattoo design, like a mermaid.
An ancient god like portrait tattoo on the back
A crying man tattoo.
demon family father and son tattoo design
An interesting father and son tattoo design - a weird couple though, kinda like demon family.
a thinker portrait tattoo on the back
A tattoo featuring a comparable piece to the thinker
portrait of the daughter inked on his arm
This free tattoo design is interesting - it tries to copy a photo (maybe of this guy's daughter) on his arm. Totally cool.
An old man portrait tattoo design on the arm.
Another portrait tattoo design featuring an ancient god.
father's portrait tattoo design
Father's photo as a tattoo.

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