Dragon tattoo designs - part 1

This free tattoo design is called "dragon of quiet creek". It feels like clouds floating in the sky, and a Chinese dragon is hidden in it. This work and this person surprisingly match. The artist and client have an amazing interaction.

This free tattoo design is about Chinese dragon. The Chinese dragon is a mythical, long, scaled, snake-like creature with four claws, in contrast to the Western dragon which stands on four legs and which is usually portrayed as evil, it has long been a potent symbol of auspicious power in folklore and art.
Chinese dragon is very common tattoo design. However, this one has its own style. Look at how angry it looks- it is on fire!!
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Another very detailed free tattoo design. See it from another angle:

Thick fog around the dragon is typical Chinese style.
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This tattoo design is called azure dragon armor because it is to represent a famous armor in China which is made of the scales of azure dragon. Azure Dragon is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is sometimes called the Azure Dragon of the East. The scales of the azure dragon are believed to be the strongest things in the world.
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Another free tattoo design about Chinese dragon.
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Full back skull and dragon tattoo
This tattoo artist likes to put skull and Chinese dragon together - a weird combination.

Full back skull and dragon tattoo
Another tattoo with skull and dragon. In this one, skull is dominating the dragon.
A back tattoo showing a dragon was crucified on a cross
A tattoo design with weird combination of dragon and cross. People in Asia do not know much about Bible and Jesus. They just think cross is kind of cool to put in tattoo.
Half chest half shoulder dragon tattoo by Andy Shou
This tattoo design is one of my favorite- so powerful. One big concern about big tattoo is how to fit the art on body appropriately. It is normal for a paint to be like this but rare for a tattoo.
Chinese dragon tattoo on the arm
Another tattoo of Chinese dragon- a very exquisite tattoo design

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