Cool Tattoo design-Pixiu

Pixiu-cool tattoo
This free tattoo design is with fierce looking and covered with whitish-grey fur. Pi Xiu has the head of a Chinese dragon, but is commonly depicted with only one antler as time passes. Ancient Chinese depictions of Pi Xiu show the male with the single antler, and the female with two. As with the Chinese Phoenix, the common image today is a representation of a single sex. Pi Xiu has protruding eyes and sharp teeth. Looking at the posture of the Pi Xiu in this tattoo, the creature seems to project a sense of strength, elegance and mobility. People like Pi Xiu because Pi Xiu does not have a hole at its bottom so it only eats but does not dispose of anything. This means, the Pi Xiu could contain a lot of good fortune and wealth luck for you and your family in your office or home, stays within your premises and does not 'dispose' any of the luck.
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